Thanks for visiting, here is the information on, and some photos of, my F150 Pickup Truck.

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1994 Ford F150 XLT 4WD for sale

Available in Brigham City, Utah.

To summarize, the truck is described as follows:

Payment Methods I accept:  I accept cash in U.S. currency. If you want to use a personal check, it must be converted to cash before I give you the keys or sign over the title.

"Test Drive"? Sure, for qualified buyers. I'll drive, you ride (It's an insurance thing you know) from in town to the freeway, up to freeway speed, set cruise-control, and back. "Test the 4WD"? Sure, briefly, on loose gravel hill trail, just to prove it works. This truck has never been, and will never go, "Bubba 4-wheelin" as long as I own it. Even though that's what Ford intended it to do, even after it was "tricked out" by VanWorks.

Now on to the photos and descriptions

If you want a very nice family pickup truck but hesitate forking out 40-grand for a new one that will be worth half that as soon as it clears the showroom floor, and if you are tired of looking at used rigs all over town that have "small problems", require "minor repair", or "TLC" which in fact means they are beaters or projects that you don't have the time, money or inclination for, then you may be interested in this 1994 Ford F-150 XLT.

This truck is priced somewhere around so-called "top-book" for several reasons. First, because it is well worth the price. Next because it is an absolutely top-rate rig with great, useable features you will not find on any new truck anywhere, unless you order it special then have it delivered to a custom shop for the additional work and equipment installation. Next, and perhaps quite important, you won't have to apologize to your wife or anyone else when they want to dress up and go somewhere in the family truck. The photos below will give you an idea of what the truck actually looks like.

This 1994 Ford 4wd Pickup is a one-owner truck - My wife has always owned it. There are no leins or encumberances of any kind; I have clear Utah Title. She gave it to me when I bought her a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlander. (By the way, I believe I got the better part of that trade!). This Ford is a prime piece of machinery, well maintained all around. The oil/filter has been changed by me every three-thousand miles except twice when we were on a trip and had it done in shops. It has traveled about 136,000 miles, and if that scares or concerns you then save both our time, forget this one, and look elsewhere. If, however, you know that miles are secondary to maintenance, upkeep and owner-operation habits then you might want to read on.

So why would I sell this truck? A good question, but mainly because I don't want to take it into the "rough country" for hunting or whatever, and we have my wife's new Jeep for use on the highway, a Ford C-class motorhome for vacation and travel, and we seldom go anywhere separately. I have an '89 Ford 4wd swb I-6cyl that I use for my off road excursions since it is suitable to take off road without concern about scratching it or having a rock dent something.

The price on this 1994 Ford F150 XLT pickup truck is $6,950.00. That is somewhere around top-book and quite firm.

On the other hand, if you are a family in need of a nice truck or are a card-carrying military member, (active duty, reserve or fully retired) take off another $500.00 for a total of $6,450.00. Same thing if your breadwinner is a card carrying law enforcement officer, take off that same $500.00, for a total of $6,450.00. That makes it one heck of a bargain!

I'd really hate to see a family stranded in a snowstorm, or your family unable to go camping while I have a fine 4WD truck parked in the driveway that I seldom use. So, if you are a family in need of a really nice 4WD truck, go ahead and read all about the truck, look at the photos, then give me a call at 435.723.6115 and we'll talk.

Questions via eMail may be sent to

Ford F150 Emblem

This 1994 F150 Ford has 5-tone swirl paint with metalflake forest green the predominant color. The interior cab, paint and ground-effects were done by VanWorks in Colorado on the way from the factory to the dealer, Heiner Ford in Morgan, Utah. It has generous-sized Captains chairs with fold-down arm rests. As you can see, they are much superior to "bucket seats". The console is of hardwood with deep storage, 4-cup holders, 2 additional hot-or-cold (switch activated) drink holders that accept the white factory mugs (shown) or a normal size soda can. The dash and doors are trimmed in the same wood as the console. All guages plus tachometer, as shown. The carpeting has been protected since new by factory mats front and rear plus the deep-ribbed rubber mats. There are no sun-heat cracks in the dash, by the way.

The engine is gasoline-powered, V-8, 351ci. I get from 14mpg around town to 21mpg on the highway, 17.5 from Brigham City to Logan over Hwy 30 and back. I have been to extensive driving courses and training, from professional pursuit training to the best "economy driving" courses. My driving habits are conservative, no jack-rabbit starts, no pushing for some imaginary macho-position in traffic, and I hold my highway speed to 65mph. If you drive what I call "conservatively" you will probably get about the same mileage as I do. But that's entirely up to you. With two tanks, about 38-gal total, my driving range is well over 500 miles. I can usually get over 600 miles to the fillup unless we're climbing mountain highways. The A/C is R135, not the older R-12. Of course it has power steering, power windows, power outside mirrors cruise-control, power door locks and switch-controlled lumbar support in both the Captains chairs. There is a 2-way CB Radio ("RadioShack Sport"), antenna is on top of the cab as you can see. The intrusion/meddling alarm is top quality and was purchased and installed at "The Hi-Fi Shop" in Ogden, Utah. The rear seat is a bench seat, suitable for children or small adults. The rear cab window slides open to provide access to the carpeted topper. The rear cab seat folds down to make a flat bench which holds suitcases, food boxes and coolers quite nicely on a trip.

As you can see, there is also a front receiver-hitch. Why? that's to make it easy for you to control your boat or trailer when backing it into tight places. It can also nicely handle a winch that is mounted on a two-inch receiver hitch bar. It also is really handy for your hitch-mounted clay pidgeon thrower! Both receivers (front and rear) were designed and installed professionally for this truck at a premium hitch works in SLC. You will notice they do not "hang down" like most others but are built right through the front ground effects. The beefy grille guard is of chromed steel, not like so many today that are plastic fakes. The large mirrors you see are controlled electrically from the driver's door, and fold in on their hinges in case you want to go somewhere too narrow to accomodate the entire width.

The paint pattern is not your "normal" fare. This truck is an eye-catcher wherever it goes, and it gets you there in style, comfort and safety. The tires I use are premium "Big-O" dual-groove, size 31x10.5 75R15, the same size that came on delivery from the factory. This truck has never been used "off-road". In fact, the only times it has been in 4wd is in winter storms and the few times I took it up the steep gravel road to one of our mountaintop firing ranges. 4wd is controlled by push-buttons on the dash choose 4WD in high or low range, the front hubs of course engaging automatically at speeds below 50mph for high, but stop and put the transmission in neutral for Low Range 4WD. The dual exhaust tips you see are dual from the factory headers thru the dual catalytic converter and muffler. There are no aftermarket "short-cuts" nor clever aftermarket modifications that compromise factory specs or state laws. This vehicle passes all Utah emissions and safety testing standards.

The truck came with a bed-liner installed by the Ford dealer. The topper and carpet-kit (kit designed specifically for this truck so as to retain the bedliner) was installed over the bed-liner. The topper was a special order to match the custom paint on the truck, and the topper work was done in North Salt Lake by Terry's Toppers. It is a very stout fiberglass topper, fully insulated with carpeting to match the color of the carpet kit. That means it does not "sweat" inside with condensation in cold weather. A really big deal if you go camping, hunting, or have passengers back there in cold weather! The rear cab-window is a split-slider giving access back into the topper. I have the original solid rear cab window which also goes with the truck, in case you take off the topper and don't want to keep the slding window in the cab. The space between the cab and the topper has a flexible accordion weather strip. The topper has two (2) 300-watt forced-air 12-volt electric heaters, also installed by Terry's Toppers. They are very nice to have in the winter, allowing comfort in the rear as well as frost-free windows in the topper. The heaters can also be switched as "fan only", circulating the ambient air in the summer time. The bottom middle side windows of course are screened sliders and usually keep the topper interior from getting too hot anyway.

A rear-quarter view, showing the dual factory fuel tanks, rear receiver and electrical trailer connection. There is of course the electric brake sensitivity adjustment under the dash to compensate braking pressure according to the load on your trailer. The spare tire is a full size one, new, mounted in front of the rear bumper under the bed.

An interior view showing the electric brake control for the trailer, original radio-casette controls, heat, A/C and 4wd controls. Regular 4wd (top button) can be engaged/disengaged while moving at moderate speeds. The low range (granny-slow, bottom buttom) can only be engaged/disengaged while stopped with the transmission in neutral. The aluminum foil you see covers the front side of the "standing red light" which can be switched on at night to illuminate your console, cup holder and floor area without affecting your night vision. Very handy when traveling at night and your partner is pouring a hot drink from a thermos. The altimeter is just an aftermarket piece I got before my wife bought me a GPS that I now use in my other vehicles.

A view of the dash, showing "all guages, no idiot-lights" as well as the laced-leather steering wheel. With the engine running at operating temperature, the guage needles align up like a competition dash; one glance shows all dials pointing vertical. Except, of course, the fuel-guage which indicates fuel remaining in your selected tank and retains its last reading even when the ignition is off. The fuel-tank change switch (front tank, rear tank) is on the left side of the dash, but does not show in this photo. The mileage and trip odometer are electronic, not showing numbers until you turn on the ignition.

A view from the open passenger's door. Shows the tall white mugs that came with the custom hot/cold console's mug holders. The switch on the side of the seat is the lumbar control. The lever just behind the lumbar switch controls the amount of seat recline. It will recline back until it stops on the rear bench seat. Same with the driver's side. Makes it nice when you want to get horizontal for a little shuteye but don't want to go back in the padded carpeted area. The lever at the bottom-rear of the seat releases the seat locks, to slide the seat forward for access to the rear seat. The red wire by the tissue dispenser is the power plug for the CB radio into the power source. The cigarette lighter is a separate receptacle.

And that is my 1994 Ford F-150 XLT. If you are interested, use the email link at the top of this page or the one on the Gateway page, or contact me at the above phone number for any further information.